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The History of Wine in Cerasa

The domain of Cerasa, once of 500Ha, was originally focused in cereals, crops and livestock. The vines were only for the production of wine for family use.

During the first world war, in response to pressures and thievery due to the black market, my great grandfather started the transition to winemaking by building a winery that unfortunately got destroyed in the great Belice earthquake in 1968.
Since I was a child my grandmothers stories had always nurtured a wish in me to return making wine in Cerasa

Grappolo di uvaCatarratto

"In biodynamics the farmer must have an approach that we can define as artistic, that is the ability to feel what is really necessary for his vineyard"

Francesco Guccione

Frncesco Guccione


Biodynamics for me is the only practice that allows you to cure and enhance the four elements that contribute to making a wine unique. Adding with a conscious gesture the fifth and for me fundamental element which is the work of the winemaker.

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