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Natural Vinification

For me, natural vinification means that only what is necessary must be done for a natural accompaniment of the transformation of sugars into alcohol with the grapes indigenous yeasts, maintaining all the natural set of aromas and flavors so as to obtain a wine that both the most faithful representation of the vintage or the Terroir and the work of the winemaker in his land.

Vasche vinificazione

"I cannot convince myself of the possibility of natural wine making in a conventional wine making facility"

Francesco Guccione

Francesco con botte.jpg

Our Diciplinary

- Respect for the natural expression of the wine

- Only spontaneous fermentations

- No enzymes, supplements or other additives added.

- No cryoextraction, deacidification or any form of super
concentration (evaporation, reverse osmosis, etc.).

- No form of acidification or added sugars

- No clarification, no sterile filtration

- Only 30mg/l of So2 added before bottling

- Exclusion of all types of flavorings powdered tannins,
wood chips, etc.

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