100% Trebbiano 2012 vinified and aged for 5 years in 3000 liter Mittelberger artisanal barrel. Bottled in 2017 and now finally available.


100% Trebbiano, often associated with regions such as Abruzzo or Tuscany even if cultivated in Cerasa since 1400. Thanks to its vinification in large wood and steel gives structure and finesse but without the excess of fatness and aromas given by high gradations and small woods.


100% Catarratto, a classic white variety from Sicily that carries a character of finesse. It is an elegant grape, with its own aromatic delicacy and an important presence of aromas, it has a strong character but not played on strength.


Biacno di Cerasa

50% Trebbiano - 50% Cataratto, still today in the Cataratto vineyards there is often a 20% of Trebbiano. As for French wines where each appellation / denomination corresponds to the blends, the Bianco di Cerasa repeats this ancient tradition of the Cerasa area.


Cuvèe di Trebbiano 2015 and Trebbiano 2016, the blending of wine with must proposes the Trebbiano di Guccione with a breath of freshness and flavor that is enveloping in the mouth, with fruity and citrus aromas. Vinified in 100% steel and subsequently aged for a minimum of two years in glass.


100% Perricone, native vine of western Sicily. Historically used mostly for ruby marsala or blends. When vinified alone it transmits a decisive, fine and elegant expression but it is also a grape that looks to the sea with iodized tones that they graft well on the colder characters of the vine.


100% Nerello Mascalese, a native vine from the slopes of Etna reminiscent of pinot noir. The shorter maceration compared to Perricone helps to better preserve the integrity of the fruit. It is a wine with excellent structure and good aromatic complement, elegant and with great personality, suitable for aging.


Rosso di Cerasa

50% Perricone - 50% Nerello Mascalese, a tradition of Cerasa brought back to life.

Rosso di Cerasa brings together the finesse of Nerello Mascalese with the richness and color of the authoritative and persistent Perricone.


Trebbiano - Nerello Mascalese - Perricone in variable percentages, also called Machado , was born as a wine for

partying and easy to drink. The lightness of Trebbiano assembled with the blend of red grapes gives the

wine fresh notes on the palate of cherry, green almond and delicate tannins.

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